Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness is the slowing down and taking notice of the things around you. It is a good way to relax and manage stress and worries. These activities will help you develop these useful skills.

Relaxation Techniques

Watch this video for tips about relaxation and to find out about on My Mind.

Mindfulness App

This app features lots of mindfulness and meditation activities.

Chocolate Mindfulness!

A great introduction to mindfulness and meditation.

Mental Health & You Podcast

Mental Health & You is a series of podcasts based in Norfolk & Suffolk which explores different aspects of mental health in young people. 

Health Uncovered Podcast

Health Uncovered is a series of podcasts that aims to get young people in-tune with their health and wellbeing. The series is hosted by BBC Radio One presenter Cel Spellman and features young people and health professionals from our Norfolk Healthy Child Programme.

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