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Sleep makes you feel better both physically and emotionally - a good night's sleep can improve your mood and help you to concentrate. During puberty, it is natural to want to go to sleep later., college or work on time, so it can lead to arguments. It's important to get enough sleep so you feel refreshed. If you sleep poorly, it can be harder to cope with a hectic social life or pressure. for better sleepLive Smarter, Sleep BetterYou should be getting an average of 9-10 hours of sleep every

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illness is stopping you from getting on with your life Being unable to sleep properly because of pain. are experiencing worry or pain as a result of your illness, it might affect your sleep. You might also be taking medication which makes it difficult to sleep properly. Sleep is vital for both your physical and mental health and there are some simple steps you can take to try and improve your sleep. - this can help you develop a sleep routine. It can be hard when you are unwell, but try not to spend time

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learn to do things properly. Balancing risk Sleep for success Getting enough sleep is incredibly. enough sleep. You can concentrate better, remember things more easily, and think more clearly. It's like. sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep affects your emotions too. When you don't get enough sleep. a positive mood and be better able to handle stress. Sleep helps your body stay strong and it can help you fight off germs and stay healthy. Sleep for success Who Can Help? You can talk to your parents

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or hormonal changes Changes to friendships Relationship difficulties Feeling poorly Lack of sleep Side. swings, including: Taking drugs or drinking alcohol Pressures at school or work Lack of sleep. stress-relieving activities Making small positive changes to your sleep routine Avoiding

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bag). Sleep Put your smart phone on airplane mode at a set point in the evening so it doesn’t distract you when you’re trying to relax and get ready to sleep. Try to go to bed and get up

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cared less about people’s opinions of me. I was able to sleep again and talked to my friends more., or have headaches or stomach ache. You might not sleep well and your school work could be affected. You

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Exercise is a great way to improve your physical fitness, but it can also be really good for your mental health. Exercising regularly can have a positive influence on your emotions, your mood and your sleep. It can make you feel happier and less stressed. You might also notice that you feel better about yourself after exercise and more positive about your body. "Regular exercise can improve our mood and self-confidence, increase our energy and help us sleep better. "You could try something

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then take steps to calm your mind and stop yourself from overthinking. If you are struggling to sleep because you constantly have a busy mind, visit our sleep page for help and information. More about sleep Recognise what is happening If you catch yourself overthinking, question whether your

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your mind off revision for a little while. Create a self-care plan Sleep is also really important when you are taking exams. Take a look at our sleep page for more information and some useful tips. FYI sleep page How can I reduce stress? Worrying about revision can be as stressful as the exam itself

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, you can normally treat yourself. You should: Rest and sleep Keep warm Take paracetamol or ibuprofen